Vine management

From the winter dormancy to the harvest, Vitenova supports the wine estates in all the main vine management operations, such as winter pruning, shoot thinning, leaf removal and bunch thinnin.

Each vine management technique is set according to the specific needs of the individual winery, in order to meet the necessary qualitative and quantitative requirements. Thanks to the correct planning and execution of the interventions in the vineyards, it is possible to create the conditions that favour the development and complete ripening of the grapes. At the same time, thanks to the maintenance of a microclimate that is not suitable for their optimal development, the incidence of harmful organisms is reduced. Therefore, agronomic practices represent preventive measures of fundamental importance in the implementation of a phytosanitary strategy with low environmental impact. Moreover, a balanced vine can better respond and resist to different abiotic and biotic stresses.


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