Soil-Plant-Grape-Wine Approach

The Soil-Plant Grape-Wine approach of Vitenova

Vitenova focuses on the “vertical approach” (Soil, Plant-Grape, Wine) to grape and wine quality. We adopt innovative analytical tools (EVO Analysis; Estimated Biomass Model) useful to understand the health and the functioning of the soil-plant system. We work to define the wineries’ terroirs, also through the creation of soil profiles that helps us to better understand the soil characteristics , the relationships between roots and soil and all the processes that take place “under our feet”.

We believe that it is useful to evaluate the behavior and potential of the single vineyard. By acting in such a detailed way, it is possible to pinpoint the characteristics that distinguish one plot from the others and understand how these traits vary throughout the years. Some analytical studies that help us to better understand the peculiarities of each terroir are the following:

  • Chemical,physical and biological soil analysis;
  • Leaf blade and petiole analysis ;
  • Technological, phenolic and aromatic grape maturity;
  • Physical properties of the berry;

Also, thanks to this information, Vitenova is able to guide and support every single agronomic decision with a dynamic approach and by developing future-oriented strategies.

Vitenova team provides the solution to make each analysis truly useful to all the winery actors involved. The results are continuously compared and discussed with vineyard technicians, agronomists, winemakers and marketing staff.


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