Vitenova supports wineries and their technicians with a constant offer of training and courses in order to increase their professionalism and respond adequately to new innovations and research.

Each project and strategy that will be adopted in the vineyards is first handled from a theoretical point of view in order to provide the useful know-how. Each individual operator is constantly guided by the Vitenova team in the vineyards to put into practice what has been learned.

Vitenova often involves experts in viticulture, university professors and researchers to explore various aspects related to agronomy, viticulture and oenology. It also shares the results of the experiments conducted in collaboration with research institutions, laboratories and universities.

Furthermore, the Vitenova team collaborates in the organization of conferences about the relationships among viticulture, winemaking andtheir interaction with the environment, climate and other living beings. Here are some of the topics recently debated:

  • The vineyard as an integrated agro-ecosystem;
  • Are natural plants in the vineyard just weeds?
  • Understanding the soil and its fertility;
  • The recognition of insects to deepen their role within the vineyards and their interaction with humans and cover crops;
  • Vineyard phytosanitary strategies and climate change;
  • Aspects of winemaking for the production of organic and sustainable wines, from an environmental, economic and social point of view.
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