14 February 2022

Vintage 2021 in Italy

Meteorological trends and observations from the wine-production areas in which Vitenova Vine Wellness operates

The 2021 season was characterized by opposite meteorological events: spring frosts, hail and a particularly dry summer, especially in central and southern Italy. Something that is happening more and more frequently. Italian total rainfall for summer 2021 was 32% below average, the sixth driest on record since 1800. 2021 in Italy was the tenth warmest year since 1800 (anomaly of +0.71° C compared to the 1981-2010 average), not to mention that 9 of the last 10 years are among the hottest ever recorded (at the top in 2018, with +1.17°C). The changeable weather of the last vintage has negatively affected the productivity of the vineyards; overall national production will be down 9% from 2020, according to forecasts from the associations of Italian oenologists and the government institute for agriculture, Ismea.

13 January 2021

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) modelling for the estimation of soil microbial biomass in vineyards soils

We are glad to announce that we have contributed together with Elisa Pellegrini, Nicola Rovere, Irene Franco, Maria de Nobili and Marco Contin to this new study, published in the journal “Biology and Fertility of Soil” (2020)


12 January 2021

Natural biodiversity in the vineyard

What does natural biodiversity in the vineyards mean? The greater the biodiversity, which favours the presence of native species (limiting instead that of sown, cosmopolitan and alien species), the better it determines an increase in the ability of the “vineyard” ecosystem to react to changes following any event that modifies its balance.