Vineyard development and management

Vineyard development and management means that Vitenova handles all aspects of a vineyard’s life and operating needs, from planning to picking.

The planning and creation of a vineyard that guarantees high quality productions, management flexibility and constant income requires precise choices and the preparation of a project; this should involve all the corporate figures, from the vineyard to the cellar. The more attention we pay to all the preparatory aspects, the greater the success of the management of the vineyard will be. The planning of this project includes:

  • a careful analysis of the pedoclimatic environment;
  • the inclusion of the vineyard in the environmental context;
  • the land preparation;
  • the right choice of the planting design, the rootstock, the variety, the clones and the training system.

After the planting, Vitenova team identifies the best solutions in terms of soil management (i.e. grassing, tillage, etc.), fertilization and crop load management.

Lastly, Vitenova provides assistance in identifying the optimal harvest date by monitoring the progress of technological, phenolic and aromatic maturity, by sampling berries for maturity parameters determination and by tasting the grapes as well.

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